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At Certified Bookkeeping we are here to manage the tedious and time-consuming bookkeeping tasks with personalized care.  We will process, record and classify your transactions, maintain your lists (supplier, customer, employees) and your accounts (assets, liabilities, expenses, equity).  This will provide you with accurate, timely and useful summarized data and financial reports. 

With our flexible approach, we can provide a level of service and support that best fits your business needs and expectations.  We can support you with these critical, time-consuming and sometimes complicated business tasks:

  • Recording your invoices and purchases

  • Processing payments

  • Payroll processing

  • Tracking fixed assets

  • Reconciling banking activities

  • Interim financial reporting

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Discussing the Numbers


Timely and accurate financial records are critical for filing GST, payroll remittances, corporate income tax and for avoiding Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) fines and penalties.  Tired of trying to keep track of all your taxes in an organized manner?  With Certified Bookkeeping we can take the burden of handling compliance related tasks off your shoulders.

Certified Bookkeeping is registered with the CRA’s Represent a Client service.  This allows you to authorize us, as your representative, to access your CRA business account and to interact with the CRA in a professional capacity.  We can initiate the Represent a Client authorization request to the CRA.  Or we can provide you our Business Number so you can authorize us.  After the CRA reviews and validates the authorization, we can, on your behalf, access your tax information to file and pay your GST returns and payroll remittances using the CRA’s secure and controlled online service.  In addition, we are able to partner with the person who prepares and files your corporate income tax. 

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Certified Bookkeeping will support you every step of the way and help you determine the appropriate QuickBooks Online subscription, add-ons (i.e. Payroll) and any third-party applications that would streamline your business processes.  When you are ready to move forward, we will configure, setup and activate your QuickBooks Online subscription, along with any add-ons and third-party applications, to support your unique business needs.

If you are currently using QuickBooks Desktop Pro or Premier, we can migrate your data and files to QuickBooks Online using a built-in tool available in QuickBooks Desktop.  We will prepare and discuss the migration plan with you, including the steps and tasks that will need to be completed for a successful conversion and post migration strategy. We will also discuss the approach to recapture any data and information that was not able to be converted during the migration process.

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