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Your Partner

It’s how we choose to do business.  Our business is about two-sided transactions.  We stay connected, fully engaged and committed to delivering stress-free service that provides peace of mind and certainty.

You can expect open and transparent communication with regularly scheduled ‘touch-base’ meetings and status reports that keep you informed.  You can expect results, productivity and innovative ideas.  We will work together to develop the key performance financial indicators that measures what matters in your business.

We believe our core values will resonate with you and our partnership will yield shared success.

Leading with Vision and Values

At Certified Bookkeeping, we keep our vision, mission and core values at the forefront of decision making and in our everyday actions.



We are proud to be an integral partner helping companies attain prosperity.


Mission Statement


We are a trusted partner providing business owners complete, accurate and meaningful financial information and advice to comply

with stakeholder requirements and guiding business owners to achieve financial success.

Core Values


We conduct ourselves in a professional and respectful manner and interact with others in ways that build confidence in our intentions.


We apply our knowledge, experience and expertise in an ethical manner and recognize that we need to engage with subject matter expects to clarify and ask questions while prioritizing continuing education.


We build sustainable productive relationships with open transparent communication making customers and their needs a primary focus while respecting the beliefs and practices of others.

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